My Services

Bringing home a new baby can be quite daunting and overwhelming, there's no 'how to guide' or 'manual' on how to raise a baby. Every baby is different and every mother's experience is different. If you need additional support and advice I can help you navigate through those early days of newborn life and Beyond

I can offer help, support and guidance with the following:

  • Lactation and breastfeeding advice.

  • Sleep and settling techniques.

  • Newborn behaviours.

  • Reassurance through the physical, emotional and hormonal changes a mother experiences.

I am available for one on one consultations and over the phone consultations.

Home Visits - One on One Consultations: $35 per hour (minimum 1 hour visit, travel fee applies for distance over 20km)

My home visits include one on one consultations within the comfort of your own home where I work closely with you and your family. We work together in your own environment to find the right solutions for you, to find what you are comfortable with to ensure overall happiness. Happy mum, happy baby. 

I also provide strategies and plans for you to keep and refer as you continue your journey through parenthood. 

Over the Phone Consultations: $25 per hour

If you are seeking reassurance and advice but don't think you require a home visit, I can offer plans, strategies, advice and support to you and your family over the phone. I'm just a phone call away to ask whatever it may be that you need assistance with. I can also lend a friendly listening ear and help you resolve your post-natal concerns. 


If you would like more information about my post-natal care services or would like to have a chat about your new baby and journey into motherhood. Visit the 'Contact me' page and get in touch or arrange a call back from me at a time that suits you. 

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